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The Greatest Value by committing to become fully transparent is the true collaboration and documentation of the growth and success of your organization. Each organization of value is significant to advancing civilization because it has a purpose. The clearer that purpose is consistently explained and the agenda clearly defined to an aware public, and all of the actions to achieve that agenda are documented and published, the easier it is to clarify the value of your organization's purpose by society, which is necessary to attract and permit people to back that agenda with their strengths and conscience. Your commitment makes a clear and decisive step toward advancing civilization more efficiently and honorably. The whole world wins, starting with you, by allowing Market News First to deliver transparency to the people that matter. 

There are three parties to this transaction: 1) The Company/ Organization which becomes the Subject Focus Organization; 2) The Stakeholders, which are the true subscribers through their aggregated ownership in the SFO, and; 3) The News Agency which is committed to delivering robust information and intelligence about your entire organization to the stakeholders and the world at large. 


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