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US Aquifer Stability Concerns- Can Technology Mitigate Collapse?

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Horizion Holdings Acquires PAI-TECH Artificial Intelligence, LTD 


PAI-TECH has developed an unprecedented Bot Operating System Standard (B.O.S.S.), which provides a digital workforce of intelligent bots with advanced AI algorithms and offer real-time, autonomous and distributed solutions.

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 Video demonstrating Video production and publishing Efficiency for the New Economic Order Planning Program 

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Sample Video of Mudigi Project for Newspapers News to Video Conversion

Sample for: Rambler Newspapers : Newspapers of Record for Irving | Coppell | Grand Prairie 

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 No Longer Play Money

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What's Not Being Said

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Caution Flag for Uber IPO

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Considerations before entering the frey of the sure-to-be-successful Uber IPO

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 Good Deeds Do Go Rewarded. Dublin's $7 billion pharma giant, Jazz Pharmaceutical PLC is leaping ahead after posting spectacular earnings yesterday.