We all know major displacement is coming but no one expected the early advent of Vocodia’s patented conversational artificial intelligence being able to fully replace salespeople.

Ahem; Actually replacing customer service and government agency too, among other things.

The A.I. conversation is so fluid and intuitive it can replace any conversationally dependent job function and here is the scary part: People can’t tell they are talking to software.

The resulting benefits go to the companies and their shareholders because the ai eliminates most cost associated with sales and customer service revenue including software, equipment, HR, compliance staff and telephone.

The efficiency in Vocodia’s Digital Intelligent Sales Agents (DISA®) is so vast in terms of cost savings the max use of the technology has yet to be tested.

What we do know is that companies adopting Ai at this stage have a significant advantage over competition or later ai technology adopters and the enterprise stable SaaS delivery makes selling anything easy now.

Scale is at the rate of electricity without limits and one test showed Vocodia’s DISA outperforming 19 human sales agents in actual sales. The cost of that DISA was $8.40 ALL IN. No Voip, equipment, software, hiring, training, compliance management was necessary. Just the leads imported, and the sales got made!

Look out for a major disruption. Vocodia already laid out plans to lay waste to the telemarketing industry and many are standing back as much customer information is made available to non-American interests outside of the US and who really wants to deal with someone they can’t understand?

Customers appreciate the level of service received by DISA as no waiting, nor answering machines: just simply answering the phone and taking care of the customer’s needs without any issues. Many companies struggle with customer service fulfillment because of the costs and difficulty in keeping people employed and who is not tired of extremely long waits due to ‘Covid’ or ‘Heavier than usual Call Volume’? Uh huh: Riiiiight (wink wink, nudge nudge)!

Vocodia DISA is so powerful it has a resume which may be timely as we are in an era of ‘The Great Resignation.’ Many businesses are short staffed to the point of refusing business. Refusing business is certainly no way to grow with exception to a few businesses that sell exclusivity, but even then, Vocodia DISA can be as snobby as the most sought-after socialite. After all the ai DISA has a resume!

Pre-competition that is really no competition at all. “The Vocodia ai DISA has a resume!”

What has not been done yet, but surely will, is the full digital replacement of superstars and celebrities lending their voice and personality to call people and have a real conversation with customers and constituency to promote or discuss the new line of make up for cosmetics companies or insurance products available and what it could mean for each individual customer.

William Devane is noted for a certain demographic, selling products like Rosland Capital on tv to seniors. Imagine if Bill could actually have a conversation with heart-throbbing fans and introduce them to a representative able to carry out Bill’s recommendation. Its no longer imaginable: Its Capable with less cost than TV and extremely more effective.

Right now, I am just hoping Taylor Swift calls me to invite me to her next concert or share her latest hit song with me.

I would like that.