CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp. announced the new product extension of its confectionery gum line under the brand YOOFORIC. This coming August launch includes three new hemp oil-infused chewing gums, which will increase the number of chewing gum products to six including YOOFORIC™ Original, YOOFORIC™ RISE, YOOFORIC™ PILLOW TALK, YOOFORIC™ GO, YOOFORIC™ PRO, YOOFORIC™ AFTER PARTY.

Each premium quality chewing gum serving a unique function. Canafarma will continue its objective of leading the charge with industry-leading, unique delivery methods resulting in the highest levels of bioavailability, of a rate of 80%, without a prescription. The chhewing gums are fast-acting, all absorbing in 2 – 10 minutes!

New YOOFORIC Chewing Gum Products

YOOFORIC GO is designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 

This is a high-energized gum that combines the power of 5 mg of hemp-sourced CBD per piece with ginseng and caffeine helping to boost energy levels. It also incorporates magnesium citrate helping to reduce fatigue and maximize energy when peak performance is needed. 

  • Flavor: Mint Zing
  • 250 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil/pack
  • 50 mg naturally occurring CBD / pack

YOOFORIC PRO is specially formulated for golfers.

This unique premium blend of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract has naturally occurring CBD, Ginseng, Caffeine, Wild Green Oat Extract, Sage and Magnesium Citrate. It is designed to help the body’s Endocannabinoid System heighten concentration while promoting a calm focus during a long round on the course.  

  • Flavor: Chill Mint
  • 250 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil/pack
  • 50 mg naturally occurring CBD / pack

YOOFORIC AFTER PARTY is designed to help the mind and body combat hangover-like effects after a night of overconsumption.

It contains a blend of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with naturally occurring CBD and Sage, Trans-resveratrol, Feverfew Extract, Caffeine, Ginseng, and Magnesium Citrate. These ingredients help to eliminate brain fog, headaches, and stomach upsets, providing more energy, focus, and contentment.

  • Flavor: Cinnamon Calm
  • 250 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil/pack
  • 50 mg naturally occurring CBD / pack

The Science Behind the Testing

The Company’s commitment to confectionary products reflects its hypothesis that gum would show meaningful bioavailability and fast onset of action due to rapid absorption in the buccal cavity and its subsequent release in the systemic circulation via a phased influx. This delivery route also surpasses the stomach and liver environment, preventing degradation by acids and enzymes and first-pass metabolism. 

The Results of the Testing (Still Continuing)

The hypothesis is being tested in an ongoing Pilot Study at Wageningen University. Preliminary results are encouraging and show that CBD-containing gum is able to release considerable amounts of CBD in the buccal cavity. By analyzing the remaining percentage of CBD in the gum, after 30 minutes of chewing, the studies determined the amount of CBD released within this time window: of the original amount of CBD in the gum, 16-24% was retrieved – i.e., 76-84% (of the 10 mg) was released in the buccal cavity. 

Despite the fact that this percentage is already quite high, it has the potential to be increased when participants are instructed to chew intensively. Furthermore, the ongoing development of the gum has shown the potential to increase CBD release. 

The Study is scheduled to be completed in August.