CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp. made an announcement that they will begin manufacturing their soft liquid-filled chewing gum in-house, starting September. This gum is cannabinoid-infused with a filled center and currently has a patent pending.  

Growing Internationally with Popular Products

Prior to manufacturing in-house, CanaFarma outsourced internationally. According to CEO, David Lonsdale in an interview with Cannabis Economy, “We already are operating internationally, we sell our products internationally, and we import [internationally]. A large part of our manufacturing, at the moment, is done in Milan, Italy.” 

Currently, CanaFarma produces five other products under their brands YOOFORIC and State of Mind, including their most popular product, a full spectrum chewing gum with industry-leading absorption rate of 84%. Their have two hemp oil tinctures, and two pain-relieving creams, and are now adding their new skincare line which will be released by the end of June. 

Pending Patents

CanaFarma has filed provisional patents in both The United States and in Europe for this new CBD confectionery chewing gum. Since that time, CanaFarma has been working with its research and development partner, APet Holding BV, testing the product, and refining the manufacturing process. The testing program is expected to be complete in August, so CanaFarma is scheduled to begin manufacturing the center-filled chewing gum in September.

The Science Behind the Patent

The two patents pending cover the lozenge composition allowing it to be liquid-filled with high-quality hemp oil. These hemp oils are naturally enriched with phytocannabinoids, CBD being one of them.  The invention of this gu, will serve as an extension to the previously mentioned and widely popular YOOFORIC hard-shelled chewing gum, currently marketed and sold by CanaFarma. The hemp extract in the gum, lozenge, and liquid filling is in an amount of up to 100 mg per unit dose.  

The invention of this gum is designed to release the hemp oil from the center with the first bite. Due to the design, the long-lasting chewability of the gum gives an extended release of the oil. Because the actives are absorbed through the buccal cavities within the mouth, the center-filled version is expecting to test at even stronger bioavailability and absorption levels.  The combination of the two technologies makes this new center-filled gum an advanced and fun way to enjoy the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil and CBD.  David Lonsdale, CEO of CanaFarma, said “We are very pleased to be delivering this patent pending,  cannabinoid-infused, center-filled chewing gum extension to our YOOFORICTM range of products, and expect it to be very well received by our customers.”