CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp. is an upcoming full-service nutraceuticals company based out of New York that has grown tremendously in the last year. They operate in the hemp industry, offering a full range of hemp-infused products and services to the consumer wellness market. According to their website, these products and services include growing top-quality hemp, providing hemp-processing services, and offering hemp-based products to consumers utilizing a well-established direct-to-consumer marketing approach and also reach out to their clients through affiliate marketing. These strategies have been the backbone of CanaFarma’s success. 

Affiliate Marketing

Today, the internet has created a myriad of opportunities for people as a work opportunity, expanding their personal reach and their companies. One of the ways for people to utilize the internet and make money online is through affiliate partnerships. Affiliate marketing is when a company hires an individual to sell their products online by incentivizing them with a certain percentage of the sales. The company gives the individual a personalized website link which they share with consumers. When the consumer purchases a product through the link shared with them, the company is notified and can see which salesman’s link was used, thus enabling them to calculate and pay the individual’s commission for the sale. 

CanaFarma published a 6-step process outlined on its website to share in more detail the ins-and-outs of this marketing machine. 

CanaFarma’s 6-Step Process for Affiliate Marketing: 

1. Affiliates are part of an Affiliate Network where merchants can form agreements with them to send the affiliates’ traffic sources to the merchants’ websites for a fee.

2. Affiliates use an affiliate link whenever they advertise the merchant or merchant’s product in their ads via websites, blogs, social media posts, email lists, and more!

3. Potential consumers click through these ads and pick up a tracking code along the way. This tracking code or “Affiliate ID” stays with the potential consumer through the buying process.

4. When the merchant finds a cookie belonging to a participating affiliate, a credit for a pre-defined sale commission is logged according to their agreement.

5. The merchant makes reports available to the the affiliate showing the traffic and sales generated from the affiliate’s link.

6. The merchant issues periodic pre-defined commission payments to the affiliate for the sales received.

Affiliate Marketing with Instagram Influencers

One of the ways CanaFarma reaches out via affiliate marketing is through Instagram. Several Instagram influencers post about CanaFarma’s ‘YOOFORIC’ brand and its product’s benefits by writing reviews and sharing testimonials.

Many of the posts show young people excited about YOOFORIC’s products and ready to share their experiences to get people in the CBD conversation. Many of these influencers are affiliate marketers who make money sharing about their favorite products and services. The most popular YOOFORIC product which people rave about is their leading hemp-oil infused gum. It is a patented product with one of the highest absorption rates on the market, standing at 84%. According to their website, this innovative gum helps to improve memory, cognitive function, oral health, and reduce anxiety.