The global shut down, due to concerns over COVID-19, caused many businesses and industries to suffer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released a report on job losses by industry, revealing jobs that were hardest hit by the shutdowns. These included restaurants, hotels, personal services, and retail. Not surprisingly, industries flourishing in this time include cleaning services, delivery services, and grocery stores. One often forgotten succeeding industry is the hemp industry.

Research on CBD, derived from the hemp plant, was discovered to aid in health problems bringing about numerous benefits, including reducing anxiety and pain relief. Pandemics have a way of bringing out high stress and anxiety levels in people leading many to try alternative remedies, like CBD, as a combative measure to these common problems, now amplified by COVID-19. Thankfully, their explorative efforts are paying off and helping the CBD economy along the way. 

David Lonsdale, CEO of CanaFarma, was recently featured in April on the podcast Cannabis Economy hosted by Seth Alder. During the interview, David breaks down the supply chain method of CanaFarma’s new 55-acre New York farm, from seedling to biomass, saying, “Look at the CBD market, …[and] look at the products that are out there that people are taking. Canafarma has its chewing gum product; we have a tincture, we have a cream product. And there is no question, in my mind, that people are using these products, and they are gaining huge benefits… I think the answer is seriously the size of the market and the potential growth. I was all ready to believe this was going to be a big market”. 

This adopted “farm-to-table” or “direct-to-consumer” strategy has been the driving force behind CanaFarma’s success and increase in its stock trade. As David Lonsdale continued, he shares a very personal side of the change the products have had. 

“I have run into so many examples, now, of people who have had major changes by using a product. There is a body of knowledge in the UK. While the organization is not saying this is a clinical study, their point is the overwhelming size of the body of information is clearly showing three things. Number one, it helps with anxiety, number two, nausea from chemotherapy. And number three, which is really interesting because I have some personal experience of this. It helps the spasticity in patients who have multiple sclerosis. And I am well aware of one example where that has absolutely been a night and day change.” 

Mr. Alder replied, “Do you mind if I ask who we’re talking about as far as what the relationship is with you, the MS patient?”, 

David responded, saying, “It’s my wife. It’s been a night and day difference in terms of sleeping and so forth.”

As the interview neared the end, David concluded, “I’m just totally convinced that we aren’t even scratching the surface with what we need to know about how hemp oil and the cannabinoid substances [that] help us…..When medical science starts to really determine what’s going on, I think the market for hemp is going to be huge.”

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