The Bitcoin Token (BTC) market has a large audience and demographic, everyone from teens who use tokens for gaming to Baby Boomers who have a piece of their retirement savings in a digital currency. Most have a wallet on Coinbase or one of the 200+ exchanges available to US investors.

Global investors currently, trade Bitcoin, Etherium, or the 5000 other Alt-Coins available in the cryptocurrency universe. They are part of the transition from FIAT currency to a digital world that is coming fast. It is a vast and growing landscape and gets more attention each day from new players like J.K Rowling and Paul Tudor Jones. One thing is certain – the higher Bitcoin goes – the more the fear of missing out grips investors.

As we exit May 2020, it is an unusual time for assets because of Covid-19 and the re-pricing of any asset as we dock-start the economy from a dead stall.

Not since September 11, 2001, do we need to reopen sporting events and other parts of day to day activities and social interaction as it relates to safety. TSA was a good example of how Airlines needed to adjust post 911.

The 2020 economy is a different reboot because you have fear and 30 million American workers unemployed in an Election Year. The point is – no one – knows how to value assets in this environment.

Add Bitcoin to the mix with 5000 other Alt- Coin upstarts which gives the global investor many, many choices. It’s important to note that Bitcoin had it’s initial surge as the housing crisis hit in 2008 and the stock market tanked with the failure of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. This was a natural time to introduce an alternative currency. The timing was perfect for Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto.

Investors have been investing in Alt-Coins via IEO’s where the exchanges do the due diligence for investors and make it easy to pick from a revolving string of tokens. You can pick anything you like as they raise money versus the IEO method.

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