It’s that time of year again, springtime! 

It’s the season of new growth. The birds are migrating back to their homes, and the flowers are blooming as students anticipate their graduations. Although there are many benefits to spring, many people struggle with allergies and sickness. 

Every year it is a normal part of life that we deal with and move on. Unfortunately, this year hasn’t been like any year before it. Coronavirus is at the forefront of every conversation, and former health and sanitation methods are being questioned and reconsidered like never before. Many natural deterrents work in preventative measures to fight our micro-enemies beyond the masks, hand sanitizer, and Lysol, including Vitamin D through sunlight, healthy eating, gratitude, and working to reduce our exposure to toxins and EMS. In the last few years, one surprising immune supporter that has come to be known worldwide is CBD. As hemp regulations loosen and expand, the industry grows in popularity by the day. 

Science Behind CBD and The Immune System

Because of the research of CBD, scientists have discovered the human cannabinoid system. In our tissues, the cannabinoid system has various responsibilities, but the goal is consistently the same: to maintain homeostasis. This process involves the maintenance of a stable internal environment in our bodies despite changes in the external environment. According to research, the cannabinoid system, named after the plant that led to its discovery, works to build and support our health and may be the most important physiologic system in our bodies. Endocannabinoids and their receptors can be found within the human body from the organs to the brain, connective tissues, and the immune system. 

CBD, because of it’s support in helping the body fight against inflammation, pain, and anxiety, benefits our immune systems and help keep them in a healthy fighting state.

Three Physiological Ways CBD May Help The Immune System

White Blood Cells

The immune system is a network of cells, organs, and tissues that work together to destroy foreign cells or particles. Your body produces endocannabinoids as needed to help modulate or regulate cell function, including the cells in your immune system. The key players who make this happen and help to keep you alive are white blood cells. There are two types of white blood cells: lymphocytes and phagocytes. Lymphocytes (B-cells and T-cells) destroy antigens (toxins or harmful foreign substances). Phagocytes help absorb and neutralize the invaders, preventing them from spreading and causing more damage. 


Healthline published a peer-revied article in 2017 describing how constant stress can increase your risk for long-term health issues like heart attack and diabetes. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) showed that 72 percent of people who have daily stress and anxiety say it interferes with their lives. As CBD grows in popularity, researchers develop more studies that actively present CBD’s positive benefit on our health and stress. Research studies at McLean Hospital show that CBD reduces anxiety by stimulating neural regeneration and regulating the endocannabinoid system, which becomes weakened through chronic stress.


According to CanaFarma, a pioneering nutraceutical company based out of New York, “When comparing full-spectrum to isolate hemp, an understanding of phytocompounds has to be in the conversation”. Phytocompounds are a group of fatty compounds and are key players in healthy immune and central nervous system functioning. They can are in hemp, in the human body, and plants. The hemp plant contains over 80 naturally-occurring phytocompounds. These phytocompounds work together to produce more significant benefits than any single compound could on its own, commonly called the Entourage Effect. Anavii Market wrote, “In short, the Entourage Effect is the phenomenon using all the compounds in the hemp plant to create a CBD oil where they all work together for maximum health benefits.”

YOOFORIC, a CanaFarma brand, offers some of the high-quality hemp-infused nutraceutical products on the market. Their Hemp oil is unobtrusive, with high absorption rates at 84%, and containing less than 0.1% of THC. 

“Our full-spectrum hemp oil comes from carefully-cultivated hemp plants. Our supply partners spent years developing special cultivars of the hemp that produce naturally occurring compounds and only trace amounts of THC. In comparison to hemp, most recreational cannabis plants have between 5% to over 20% THC. The hemp oil used in YOOFORIC chewing gum contains less than 0.1% THC, which is essentially none!”

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