Bitcoin miners are getting paid to solve complex equations at the rate of $12.50, and a week from now they will be getting $6.25 – this is what is meant by halving. The amount the miner gets paid to assist in trade matching and complete one of the 140 full Bitcoins that are solved daily. This puts the next threshold set by Satoshi Nakamoto on, or around, May 12th, or next Tuesday. What this means to the price of Bitcoin itself is anyone’s guess.

The important part for investors in cryptocurrencies is that the halving is behind us so we can move down the road. The sell-off in Bitcoin itself during the Covid-19 asset firesale tanked Bitcoin under $4000 per Token, and Ethereum traded as low as $86. These are now trading $9200 and $210 respectively as nearly all assets have recovered from the viral panic lows and a global economic shutdown.

With many economies restarted Bitcoin itself needs to get the current halving in the rearview. This will re-engage many projects in the blockchain space that are on hold during this 2020 Pandemic trading environment.

We will identify Alt-Coins coming out of the halving that are getting back on track, and many of these are easily traded on the 250+ exchanges that exist to trade Bitcoin, Etherium, and the 5000 Alt-Coins out there. Tokenization is a reality for new companies and a plethora of new ideas come to market like the 1990 IPO’s and is also a good funding source to fund operations for these upstarts.

Fatcat hedgefunds and private equity moving heavy into cannabis again.

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