The CBD market today is explosive. Since the government’s opening of hemp for the public’s distribution in 2018, it is on its way to becoming the new darling of the market. Sales have been at an all-time high during COVID-19’s health fears, revealing the amazing benefits CBD provides, including pain relief, anti-inflammation, and stress relief. Because of the convenience of production in the United States from legally allowing hemp-derived product distribution, CBD is becoming a highly sought after remedy to the consumer’s ailments. 

One major player in the game is CanaFarma Hemp Product Corp. who operates a 55-acre farm in Dutchess County, New York. They are on track to become the market’s only vertically-integrated enterprise (a company who uses a visually vertical breakdown to plan operations of their raw materials to the customer) and will remain entirely in control of their CBD products, from the seed to final completion, placing them in the hands of their customers. In the CBD market, other organizations only focus on one aspect of the production, whether that be the cultivation, processing, marketing & sales, or research & info publication. CanaFarma, in comparison, is involved in the complete operation from start to finish, through a process called Seed-to-Counter. 

CanaFarma’s Seed-to-Counter approach involves six cultivational measures in operation, that deliver the plants from their original state to products on the shelf. These six advantageous measures include CanaFarma’s independent hemp cultivation farm, processing facility, research staff, marketing team, information and marketplace portal, and distribution. 

On CanaFarmas’ website, they explained saying, “Cultivating and processing our hemp will allow us to develop and accurately track the efficacy of countless formulations with different hemp strains and processing method combinations. Our relentless testing and research will permit us to create the best possible products for each segment of the CBD market.”

The process of growing cannabis can be a tricky and drawn-out one as it is inconsistent by nature. Harvests are seldom alike in quantity or quality. On average, CanaFarma’s annual yield ranges between 130,000 to 200,000 pounds. This large harvest enables them to fully cultivate and source their hemp for their brands allowing significant profit from the remainder as commodity biomass. Unlike many crop growth processes, hemp is extremely limited as no herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides are allowed to be sprayed on the plant, which can pose a challenge for farmers, but a huge benefit for consumers. According to an AG Professional Farm interview, hemp farmer Joseph Sisk, “You have to get things right from the beginning because there are no chemicals allowed, and if something goes wrong, all you can do is watch.” He further adds, “Across an entire season, this is incredibly labor-intensive, even more so than tobacco.”

CanaFarma’s unique farm positions them for immediate and long term benefits. Being an FDA approved GMP processing facility with pharmaceutical-grade standards allows them to produce the highest quality CBD. It ensures they fulfill the supply and demand being able to provide their services to the growing number of cultivators and producers. 

Currently, CanaFarma produces their popular YOOFORIC brand gum, hemp oil, and pain-relieving skin cream with now maintaining an 84% absorption rate, one of the highest on the market. 
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