The New York-based company CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp. (CNFA) just announced the launch of its newest product, ‘YOOFORIC’ Hemp Oil Infused Skin Cream. This topical hemp oil skin cream supports joint and muscle relief. Along with CanaFarma’s other Hemp products, the most popular being their Hemp Oil Chewing Gum, the YOOFORIC pain-relieving skin cream is an exciting new addition to be used as a daily or as-needed product, especially considering the health benefits that hemp oil provides.

Hemp oil is the newest rage in the medicine world. Distinguishable from Marijuana, Hemp is non-hallucinogenic and does not cause highs or drowsiness. According to multiple studies, the benefits of Hemp may include reducing the risk of heart risk, decreasing PMS and Menopause symptoms, aiding in digestion (due to the fiber content in Hemp), and helping to heal skin disorders including eczema and dry skin. It is very helpful in lessening the need for medication. Hemp oil alone is a single source of all of the essential fatty and amino acids needed in the human body. It contains high amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 ingredients and is helpful to many people who need it. CanaFarma’s desire to help others is seen. David Lonsdale, CEO of CanaFarma stated this week, “We are very pleased to be launching a product that we believe will bring relief to many people suffering from joint and muscle soreness. This product is expected to be an excellent addition to our YOOFORIC line of products”.

‘YOOFORIC’ Hemp Oil Infused Skin Cream comes in a 2 oz container as a light and airy gel-like substance with a pleasant aromatic botanical blend. It is quickly absorbable, moving into the dermis layer of the skin without leaving a greasy residue. This Hemp Oil Skin Cream contains premium ingredients that target inflammation and chronic joint pain and muscle soreness. It contains a powerful cooling menthol with natural hemp-based phytocannabinoids which are plant compounds found within the cannabis plant. These phytocannabinoid compounds provide various medicinal properties with 6 of their 113 compounds having frequent use in the medical field. Benefits of these properties in Hemp Oil can include decreasing and eliminating chronic inflammation, chronic pain, mood and brain disorders, autoimmune disorders, and many other health ailments.

This Hemp Oil Skin Cream can be applied directly onto the skin and use the previously mentioned cannabinoids as a powerful agent to fight the pain and discomfort. Cannabinoids in the hemp cream, work in conjunction with endocannabinoid receptors to directly target the discomfort. Also found throughout the body’s tissues, cells, and organs, endocannabinoid receptors work to maintain a stable internal environment through the process of homeostasis. When applied to the area of discomfort, the cream quickly absorbs into the skin, helping to soothe tired muscles and joints on contact.

Just like all their products, YOOFORIC’s Hemp Oil Infused Skin Cream is manufactured in an FDA Registered, Audited, and GMO Certified facility.