CanaFarma Hemp Products (CNFA:CSE) trading in Canada and Germany (4K9.F) is progressing during difficult trading markets. Shares continued steady trades on dual-listed markets. Keep in mind these are new listings, and it takes a while for market makers to assemble in a normal environment – so this is good to see in the current environment.

Shares traded a bit softer today, but are holding the valuations set forth prior to launch.

We spoke to the company in January click below to listen to the podcast with Vitaly Fargesen who was looking for a valuation near $100 million based on the sales of Yoofiric Gum, and the team’s experience.

MARKET NEWS FIRST (MN1.COM) INTERVIEW WITH VITALY FARGESEN OF CANAFARMA CORP is a wide-ranging Q&A with Vitaly Fargesen with MN1 host Josh Lankford explaining company strategy for 2020. Click here to listen to the interview.

Click below to listen to Frank Barone podcast on Sales and Marketing

MASTER OF DIRECT TO CONSUMER (D2C) SALES is an interview with Frank Barone who provides leadership in the affiliate marketing program and strategy at the company. It is an informative view from inside the company spoken clearly by Mr. Barone. Click here to listen to the interview.

The companies value today is (based on the last sale) is $130 Million so they were not far off in their expectations. They seemed to understand prior to launch how the market was assigning multiples to the industry. But we venture no one would have predicted Cannabis Sector Stock would hold multiples during the COVID-19 environment for public companies.