CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp (CSE: CNFA) opened for trading in Canada a few weeks ago on the Canadain Securities Exchange and adhered to its aggressive rollout plan opening on the Frankfurt Exchange last week under CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp (4K9.F). Shares were higher in Canada by +116% and remained bid in Germany.

Volume is coming in as market makers get situated and get cross bargaining in place which will offer some lumpy volume and liquidity as all money managers wade through the Covid -19 new reality of managing money and investing.

This multi-exchange rollout is all part of the plan for the company even in the face of uncertain markets and volatility in shares not seen in a century.

Shares traded quietly during the first full week of dual trading as market makers settled in and added the CanaFarma symbol to their list of Hemp companies and Cannabis Stocks. The Cannabis sector has been the beneficiary of the shelter in place mentality among investors as the Marijuana Sector rallied from its lows.

CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp (CSE:CNFA) announced that it signed a lease for 100 acres of farmland in Cato, New York. That more than doubles the size of the farm the Company had in 2019.

In 2019, CanaFarma Hemp worked a 55-acre farm in New York State and delivered 128,000 lbs. of Hemp Biomass, achieving a yield of over 2,300 lbs. per acre which is 50% better than the average farm yield of 1,500 lbs. per acre. Furthermore, the CBD potency of the Biomass was over 14% compared to the average potency of 10%, according to the company. CanaFarma Hemp is also actively looking at further expanding its Farm acreage both in New York State and in neighboring States. David Lonsdale, CEO of CanaFarma commented: “We are obviously very pleased with the harvest we achieved in 2019 and look forward to continuing this level of performance in 2020”.

The company said in its public filings, “On April 16, 2019, the Company acquired a 49% interest in Simple Solutions by Hemp Inc. (Simple Solutions), which leases a 55-acre hemp farm located in New York State, for the stated intention to control its own supply chain by refining the biomass produced by the farm into high-quality Hemp oils for use in the Company’s product lines. The location of the farm presents the ability to grow rare strains of hemp on a large scale using organic farming methods….. The Company intends to acquire the remaining 51% interest by March 31, 2020, after formal approval by the State of New York Department of Agriculture. The acquisition was funded through the issuance of 5 million shares of common stock valued at $0.10 per share for a total consideration of $500,000.