Cannabis stocks are still eschewed by many investors because of the federal mandate throttling some investment funds from pulling the trigger. This is a big deal because investment funds normally can allocate 5-8% of total dollars under management to different sectors, and as we enter the new world of Covid-19 investing portfolio managers are looking for new sectors to find return and differentiate themselves. This has prompted listed companies to seek investors outside the US.

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CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp trades in Canada on the (CSE:CNFA), Frankfurt (4K9.F) and soon will be available to a large market in Mexico via the Mex-Trade connection which allows companies who are already listed on other exchanges to access lucrative Mexican Investors. Cannabis and Hemp stocks are considered a hot sector during these shelter in place days.

 CanaFarma is a public company incorporated in Delaware which intends to provide ” Seed-to Sale ” Industrial Hemp cultivation, and the resulting conversion to biomass and manufacturing of CBD infused consumer products. CanaFarma’s business and stated business objectives will be the business and stated business objectives of the Resulting Issuer upon completion of the merger, indirectly through the operation of CanaFarma as a wholly-owned subsidiary. 

In an interview with Vitaly Fargesen, Senior VP of Strategic Planning, he admitted to having a stacked deck in creating a successful cannabis company. His job is to create strategies that drive revenue into the company and they are working, at a measurable, smile forming pace. How the deck is stacked for Canafarma is the overall company’s reliance on science.Actual journalist interview with Vitaly Fergesen, Sr. VP of Strategic Planning for Canafarma Corp recorded on Tuesday, February 25th, 2020.

Their first product to market is a cbd chewing gum called Yooforic. When looking at the label, it becomes clear that they offer clear health beneficial value and somehow let you know through their packaging, that it tastes good too. However, it is not your average chewing gum. It delivers the valued benefits of hemp cbd, making it fun and not medicine-like. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down indeed. It also helps the asking price get paid, happily, by a growing number of sticky clients.

A pack of Yooforic chewing gum comes with 30 pieces and costs $99 (USD). Conveniently, the scientists behind the hemp oil infused chewing gum have assured the ideal amount of cbd by milligrams, water soluble for actual metabolization, so that one piece per day is able to provide the nutrition and benefits, such as pain relief, that people are searching for. Their intelligent marketing system has the subscription and order timing to keep their customers satisfied, with e-tail ordering management through auto subscription and personal customer management. At 30 pieces per pack, powerful cbd alimentation is achievable for less than $100 dollars per month, with direct-to-consumer (D2C) home delivery of a fun, minty, breath refreshing piece of chewing gum. Interestingly, the flavor lasts for a scientifically proven 30 minutes; An impressive feat on its own.