Mexican Nationals would need to open accounts offshore to trade coveted US stocks, it requires a fair amount of paperwork to open an account offshore and trade on E-Trade or TD Ameritrade thinkorswim portals like many investors can do in the US.

Mexican investors can access these large US companies and get the full benefit of liquidity, and trade with their local brokers. Mex-Trade offers this unique bridge by offering access to any US stocks which are already listed on global exchanges, and they can easily list with Mex-Trade and be available to huge pool of liquidity.

This is an important time when stocks are tanking around the globe and offer unique, once in a lifetime, buying opportunities, it also offers the companies the ability to expand their shareholder base into a large market looking to invest.

In Mexico, it is easier for the local Mexican investor to trade with their local brokers where they can access large US-listed securities that trade on Mexican Exchanges, these are the stocks you want to trade anyway. See a list of those stocks here.

Watch Video Here More US-listed companies are signing up daily.

Here are the top movers in the Mex-Trade 175, courtesy Yahoo Finance. These 175 stocks make up the majority of stocks widely held by all investors. These are liquid and traded on many exchanges around the globe. You will recognize many of these well-known companies which trade on the Nasdaq and NYSE.