Shares in CanaFarma Hemp (CSE:CNFA) bounced on the Canadian Exchanges today as shares launched in Frankfurt German on the Deutsche Borse Exchange CanaFarma Hemp (4K9.F) giving market makers some depth across the ocean.

Newly listed CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp started trading last week into one of the most volatile markets in a century, and stick to the rollout plan in the face of crazy markets and unsure valuations as we enter a new world of Covid -19 asset management.

Deutsche Börse AG – Bildpool Börse Frankfurt – Parkett IHK Frankfurt – Oktober 2014

CanaFarma Hemp is a full-service company operating in the hemp industry offering a full range of hemp-related products and services. These products and services include growing top-quality hemp, providing hemp-processing services, and offering hemp-based products to consumers utilizing a direct-to-consumer marketing approach.