Canafarma Hemp Products Corp opened with flare today, March 23, 2020. The chart agrees. Canafarma’s trading chart looks like a hockey stick on ice arcing to make a beautiful slap-shot,

While the company took a bear swipe on Friday afternoon, CNFA opened with strong bid and the stock apears to want to trade this morning between .45 an .49 with a couple of .40 bear-tugs thrown in. Its hard to blame the bears right now because fear and panic is naturally on their side, however mess with the bull too long and eventually the horns target the molester.

Canafarma is the rare company that has the sauce to thrive in this market because it maintains full control of their products from farm to customer. Their supply chains and distribution chains are managed in house. The only weakness Canafarma has in their distribution chain is if the post companies shut down. That is unlikely, even in this coronacrash, where governments seem pleased to shut everything down. However Canaarma could sustain a temporary shutdown of posts because they maintain the ability to go into sales in advance of post scheduling. A decisive advantage over any and all competitors, public and private.

Canafarma news on stock market for CSE: CNFA- shots on goal win the game. Their stock chart looks like a beautiful hockey stick ready to make a slap shot!

Overall, the Canafarama market for its shares seems to be demonstrating to this bandit of the down that this bull may not be the one to mess with. While it looks like a hockey stick, a sign to come on in, usually, this stick may connect with a puck to make a real score.

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