Major media publishers, Esports, and global news agencies have desired the domain name for decades as the rarest items unobtainable, like the most desired of art or real estate on earth. Now, for the first time ever, the most prestigious web address on the internet is available, for a very limited time, for the most discerning of companies and media empires.

One of the most unique string of letters ever put together in the English language, as an address more exclusive than any property in the world, www. StreamingLive .com is that rare gem that commands utmost respect in its mere existence.  

Today a domain name can instantly earn lifetime loyalty from potential audiences. Proper domain name scarcity has caused a generation of oddly named companies without vowels and other strange variations. In today’s massive increase of data noise and competition for online discovery, none can out-perform, and few can stand tall, next to  

Its elegance is supreme. Its simplicity carries a power capable of starting new religions. The elan of is so perfect, web properties could move under it and get millions of visitors instantly.

The acquisition of this wonder of the internet is as simple as making the best offer to buy this domain name. Offered by the sellers, in a simple, public forum, provides the world a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

A company like Quibi could have the whole internet in the palm of their hands with this acquisition, without spending hundreds of millions on branding an idea. Youtube could limit any pretenders to their throne of streaming live content. Others like Disney, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Sling, HBO, FUBO could also lock in absolute global dominance of content streaming to the world.

Alternatively, a well-funded startup could become king of content with this unique web address alone; Or displaced giants like Fox, WB, Sony, Paramount, Miramax, TMobile, At&T and others like them could stifle their competition.

Not to mention, sports leagues or sports broadcasters like FIFA, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Fox Sports, ESPN, or even sports books around the world. It would be a shame for these prestigious organizations to lose the opportunity to Sports Book Review that could seriously impact the sports industry with this name.

Please Note that this is not an auction, but a transparent ‘Or Best Offer’ sale.  All offers can be made publicly at

The domain name sold for $90 Million and just imagine what streaming live from a large hotel casino would do to whet the appetites of gambling tourists world-wide.

For the first time ever, the proudest web address, for many industries, is available through the limited public sale, conducted simply, to be as fair as possible, while fetching a sum equivalent to its honor, by the caretakers of the domain name for the past 14 years.

The highest domain name of record, thus far, is the sale of, which sold for $345 million dollars.

This is a rare opportunity for any company or organization streaming content. The public purchase of this prestigious web address could even the playing field for smaller local companies that want to compete with the majors. The last thing serious media moguls want is this domain name getting acquired for adult content.

That is why the one-time sale of is public, giving everyone the same opportunity to own the grand daddy of all domain names. “It’s all in a name”, some say. could allow local radio and television to compete with iheartradio and twitch in seconds of publishing.

The largest media content publishers in the world don’t have this name, yet they are streaming live to audiences in the millions. The real power is that all streaming services have advertised Streaming Live, making this an automatic brand with maximum online presence because it’s a verb describing what people get, and what people want. should belong to anyone with a real vision to bring their presence to everyone. Streaming content, of almost everything, including food menus and orders, is no longer the future, but the present. Leading with provides a clarity to the global audience, an unforgettable web address and the public price paid for it by the fortunate victor will lock in its value for any balance sheet of any publicly traded company.

Interested parties wishing to own this prestigious address have seven days to register and place open offers to buy The offers will be public and available for other serious bidders to view, however, there is a feature that permits discretion for serious bidders.  

For more information on this limited public sale of the world’s most sought-after domain name, simply go to Perhaps the next million visitors to your company or service will be under this name. Regardless who wins this globally recognized web address, the victor is assured success by mere possession of this rare domain name. Good Luck to all who enter the competition for the world’s greatest domain name ever.  Only one bidder will walk away with this name leaving all others envious.