Amidst the recent outbreak of Covid-19, citizens from around the country have sought out comfort of many kinds. From being given a shelter in place order, to being restricted to groups of ten or less; the American people are now being subjected to a new system of living. As some are purchasing mass amounts of toilet paper and bottled waters, others are finding comfort from purchasing cannabis and THC infused products. In Upper Michigan, citizens are able to pre-order and pick up any products that are available. Massachusetts is following the steps that Upper Michigan have adopted, allowing pre-orders and limiting the number of consumers allowed on the property of their establishments. In the current state of Colorado, a well known cannabis company has sent its greenhouse workers home in a push from the owner to protect his number one asset, their workers. A worker affected by a recent lay-off has raised concerns of future living expenses, however stating they have trust in their community of bud tenders and expect to be back at work within two-weeks.

Most state dispensaries are allowing the legal limit across the nation. Some fears have been expressed on shortages, however assurances are being made that there is a great system in place between cannabis companies to help provide stock to those businesses who are without. Cannabis continues to grow as a valuable financial asset to the US, seeing massive consumer sales sales amidst recent coronavirus hoarding outbreak. Owners of cannabis operations at every level from cbd products to marijuana, are seeing an upswing in sales in the way of purchase orders. Some cannabis products are being declared ‘essential’ in the realm of cannabis and cbd stores that intend to remain open during this covid-19 crisis.

Other cannabis companies are braving the changing business environment with confidence. Canafarma just went public on the Canadian Securities Exchange yesterday and are already outperforming most publicly traded companies because they are uniquely positioned to carry their business, from growing their hemp to make cbd, to product manufacturing and delivery. Canafarma Hemp Products Corp (CSE: CNFA) is a New York based cannabis company that has seen extreme success with their cbd gum product, called Yooforic, prior to covid-19 hoarding. Their Direct-to-Consumer sales platform has positioned them to be a product of reliability to their customers and it is showing in their public company shares.

Many cannabis users are now being informed that it is better to ingest cannabis and cbd products in methods other than inhalation. The reasons being that medical experts explain that Covid-19 will latch on to compromised immune systems that do correlate with lung function. In these times its suggested for persons to refrain from continuous smoke inhalation, that can interfere or even harm breathing capacity. Reports from around the world have shown the ghastly effects Covid-19 has on the respiratory system from the young to the old. Ringing in to the tune of ten-thousand plus deaths while two hundred sixty-seven thousand, one hundred fifty-seven are confirmed to be infected.

While the system we stand on quakes, we must remember that society is partially based on civility and communities’ decisions to rally together and help those in dire need. In this time of product scarcity coming from employees and communities going home to enact shelter in place, and assure social distancing, the cannabis industry may soon report a minimized impact compared to other industries.