Canafarama Hemp Products Corp. (CSE: CNFA) today on Friday, March, 20, 2020 experiencing almost four times the volume in the first hour of trading today than their opening day of trading, yesterday. What’s surprising is that rolling down a field of red, CNFA stock on the Canadian Securities Exchange is like a bright green supernova in a field of red dwarfs.

This is likely because Canafarma is a hemp company that likes transparency of their operations from ‘seed to table’. The company is known to customers and cannabis industry insiders as a very open, progressive company and shareholders are soon to find this willingness to be clear and consistent as refreshing as their yooforic cbd gum clients. A growing base of subscribers that get Canafarma Hemp Corp products shipped to them on a scheduled delivery.

Canafarma has a growing number of customers outside of the US and is preparing additional listings of Canafarma stock for operational support of those other rich markets. This is smart for the company and a greater opportunity for Canafarma’s product customers. The customers can own the company they are spending money with. This applies to each and every level of operation in the supply chain, which Canafarma has shown mastery of as a private company.

The reason people gather to pan for gold is because word gets out when it is found. Canafarma is hours into a new discovery as a place where the green rush might be happening, and it may be bigger than any that have come before. The company certainly has that strange, unteachable chemistry that seems to make success easy. This is evident in their earnings. The volume in CNFA.c this day so far are real shares purchased by real people. They may be the people of envy everyone looks upon in a short while because they will be known as the early investor.

When investors ask “How do you know what to buy?” The truth is no one does. However when an issue comes along and all indications are green, such as management, plan, earnings, transparency, industry, supply chain management, marketing, sales and a clearly proven capability to fulfill, it becomes a runway for takeoff. When an issue is bright green in a see of red, it is a gem. Then the stock, given life by a solid operational team, begins to take on the shape of a bull. When the bull starts running, in a sea of red, it is a glorious event, with its own alchemy, gathering all the reds that must look at it and desire to ride it, until it joins its place in the constellations of other brilliant gems. Then investors say “I wish I would have bought in when…”.