Covid -19 struck quickly and America responded by staying home. The battle cry to fight the virus is to choke off the spread by staying away from other humans. The CDC advises washing your hands often, practice social distancing, and altering any travel that could spread the virus. These simple offerings are the best advice for Main Street USA.

This logical response intends to create a lock-down environment as the virus reaches across the globe, and the intent is to organize people, and offer simple solutions to curtail passing the Coronavirus itself. Many of the carriers showed zero symptoms, and the incubation period can be days or weeks. The USA learned from watching the virus develop in other countries what NOT to do.

Workers wear masks at the Unilever factory where a 38-year-old working in the research and development branch fall ill with the new virus from China, in Casalpusterlengo, Northern Italy, Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020. A dozen northern Italian towns were on effective lockdown Saturday after the new virus linked to China claimed two fatalities in Italy and sickened an increasing number of people who had no direct links to the origin of the virus. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

The CDC has been responsive in giving clear direction on how to avoid spreading the virus, and the public is listening. The fedral government also is thinking ahead as state and the local government shuts down bars and restaurants, or any high traffic areas limiting travel.

Practice social distancing, and let time pass as the globe seeks a solution to the virus. It is a unique time as Main Street USA shelters in place.