Canafarma Corp., traded for first time today on the Canadian Securities Exchange outperformed most companies with a strong rush into the market by Canada’s top market makers. Only the strong are surviving coronacrash as most companies can’t stop the bid-side selling going on worldwide. Canafarma news of day 1 trading is a big sign of hope for the market.

Canafarma is showing extreme strength by listing during the #coronacrash and performing better than expected for any company company listing during this time period. The reasons for such a strong showing are coming from the fact that institutions are taking Canafarma serious as a fair bull in a market full bears. Canafarma’s big advantage is the opening of trading slightly under the company’s valuation which most agree was conservative to begin with. Keeping in mind that Canafarma has a speed and unique running path for grabbing market share, this is a rare standout in a global market where most traders can’t stop the world from burning down around them.

Canafarma as a public company, however has only just begun. In these markets, the standouts carry word fast to others as opportunities to grow share values as investors are rare. While many companies also have strong fundamentals, savvy investors know that market reactions to the coronavirus are going to impact those fundamentals. Sustaining fundamentals in a world where the tides are shifting under foot is what is going to attract capital.

Canafarma’s opening day was like watching a warp drive work against a black hole. They gained serious ground just in Institutional reactions to their presence on the CSE, and now are looking to hit escape velocity in the next few trading days.