Instead of Bread and Circus We Get Hunger and Netflix

Large rolling baskets full of 2020 commodities like TP and Hand Sanitizer in your local grocery are pushed by the commodity fugitives who have surfaced in the Covid -19 world. The virus prompted the local government to require the closure of any business (or gathering over 10 people) causing a spike in demand which alarmed the public. The end result was the local consumer heading to the big box stores and loading up expecting a supply chain shutdown, it was too many people trying to fit through one door at Walmart where the normal consumer, and the Mom and Pop stores all flocked for this new 2020 commodity. Nobody could have predicted this strange, but logical, hoarding.

This behavior is normally hurricane or weather-driven where the delivery trucks can’t get through, and the supply side of the equation has a breakdown, but this was driven purely by the demand side. These odd items (Sanitizer & Toilet Paper) will forever represent Q1 2020 as a reminder that the public panic level is fragile and the Covid-19 footprint left an indelible impression on a confused and desperate local consumer.

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One by one, state governments must shut down and require the public to stay at home, and let a solution arrive. The federal government helicopter drops money and the governors govern so the political fallout does not get them fired. The odd way they will be judged, is how many of their constituents actually die, so this is a big task – the task of saving lives through governing. It is a lesson in civics, health & safety, and economics.

As we approach Q2 and the spring, tax season, baseball openers, and the Kentucky Derby are all on hold, as the public is required to shelter in place with no sports. It can be a recipe for disaster as America takes some forced time off and get to know their families. Many cities have a curfew after 8 pm except for food delivery. It is all very odd, and odd because it came so fast.

Beware! The world is on the lookout for commodity fugitives, hoarders, and unnecessary minglers. Don’t stand too close to anyone, and god forbid do not cough. Wash your hands, practice social distancing, use common sense when it comes to hygiene. This virus is an invisible enemy and we can silently carry it without knowing we are infected.

Stay home, and pay attention to what is happening with your own body, and find where to get tested if you think you need to be. Do not overuse hospitals, or urgent care, save that for the sick or elderly. Try not to panic in any situation, and don’t be that guy/gal taking more than you need. Let time pass in Q2 2020. Let it be one you to remember for the rest of your life having survived the Covid-19 scare of this new decade.