Canafarma Corp to start trading on CSE tomorrow with a $100 Million Dollar Valuation. Some believe this is way undervalued with the revenues and sales of Yooforic cbd gum on a monthly growth from inception of sales. Frank Barone of Canafarma stated that the Direct to Consumer sales platform for the company has the ability to drive approximately $200 Million in annual sales for each SKU of Canafarma with a streamlined scale-up available at the push of a button.

Some are expecting a strong open despite a level of market volatility never seen in this lifetime of equities traders. It is known that every level of market trader is seeking a flight to safety in securities that can deliver growth and stability. Canafarma seems to be a potential candidate for funds and money managers that need safety for their portfolios.

Canafarma is expected to begin trading at market open on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the trading symbol CNFA. CNFA stock is available for trading platforms participating in the Canadian Securities Exchange system.