Please respond and share this public petition to gather support to allow the U.S. Federal Government, as well as State and Local Governments to CONSCRIPT and SUBSIDIZE RESTAURANTS to become the local kitchens for neighborhoods across America.

This is important because heading into a probable lock-down and supply-side demand of food stuffs is creating a strain on local families’ ability to sustain sufficient food supply.

This is why it will work for America:
1) Restaurants are local to neighborhoods
2) Supply Chains for restaurants are independent of retail food supplies
3) Emergency relief funds can be created/ diverted to subsidize local restaurants
4) New Accounts can be created for accountability according to each citizen’s ID and Social Security Number as in a rationed food supply by simple mandate.
5) The cost for distribution is nil and food supply for citizens will be available immediately.
6) The infrastructure is already established and locals are familiar with restaurants.

This will help to stabilize the economy by keeping one of the critical economic access points functional within our national supply chain. This means jobs are kept and limits placed on the expected severe economic impact on US economy over coming months.

Please support this petition and feel free to send it to any and every elected official in the country. This needs to be acted upon fast.

Pass this around on social media and always include politicians in the sharing until it becomes a national topic and then continue sharing to urge people to express their concerns on open social platforms so that this becomes a reality.

A recent article relating to a call to action for restaurants can be found here: