Damn the torpedo’s! As the end of Q1 2020 approaches, we enter the modern era with volatile trading in a COVID-19 world. Although the calendar is thin, many companies trudge forward in an uncertain world.

Most exchanges offer options to companies when the market is unusually volatile because it’s a unique event in history. Like a big family wedding, you have all sorts of eyes on you with hope for the future. In the mind of many CEO’s, it is business as usual because they spend much time and money on lawyers and accountants, and the internal team coordinating the launch – so the timing – is a big deal from the receptionist to marketing.

Companies commit many resources to the public share launch. The planning begins two years in advance to roll out this event. In a new world of investing – the level of uncertainty is high – but know that it is part of a larger playbook, and the moving parts are many, especially for leadership when they offer public shares or decide to sell shares to the public.

Vitaly Fargesen, Sr. VP at CanaFarma Hemp Products Corporation, whose shares will trade under the stock symbol (CSE: CNFA), effective at the open of the market on Thursday, March 19th, 2020, said, ” We know the times are difficult, but life goes on for us, we delayed the open a few days to give us a chance to wrap up a few details, but the timing is the timing, market conditions change, as they say…it is what it is “.

CanaFarma is a unique bird in the Hemp sub-sector of the Cannabis Industry, as CBD gets traction in many markets. Vitaly said, ” We are not your normal launch, we have revenue, we have a solid $100 million dollar pre-valuation, and we have a solid investor base. This is more of a formality for us”.

That makes sense, and when you break down the sector, you see what he is talking about. In previous podcasts, Fargesen and CEO David Lonsdale walk through the success of their CBD Gum Yooforic. Yooforic generated two solid quarters of revenue, and further into the conversation you realize these guys are really good marketers. They hooked up with Sean Paul and have plans for a global roll-out as they tweak the affiliate marketing strategy.

Click here to listen to Company Podcast Click here for Sean Paul Video on Yooforic

David Lonsdale, CEO of CanaFarma commented: “We are thrilled to commence our listing on the CSE, the world’s preeminent public exchange for innovative CBD and hemp-based product companies. CanaFarma has demonstrated positive early success in its product sales and we look forward to further expanding and pursuing our various growth opportunities, which this Transaction and CSE share listing will help to facilitate.”

For a deeper dive into their business strategy, listen to any number of informational podcasts from CanaFarma as host Josh Lankford at Market News First talked with executives from the company. A list of these podcasts are provided below, and the information is important prior to the upcoming listings on various exchanges.

MASTER OF DIRECT TO CONSUMER (D2C) SALES is an interview with Frank Barone who provides leadership in the affiliate marketing program and strategy at the company. It is an informative view from inside the company spoken clearly by Mr. Barone. Click here to listen to the interview.

MARKET NEWS FIRST (MN1.COM) INTERVIEW WITH VITALY FARGESEN OF CANAFARMA CORP is a wide-ranging Q&A with Vitaly Fargesen with MN1 host Josh Lankford explaining company strategy for 2020. Click here to listen to the interview.

More interviews are coming as CanaFarma gets closer to its listing in Canada. Stay tuned to these podcast interviews by Market News First to stay truly informed.