The most dangerous aspect of the coronavirus is the sensationalism of the disease. There are people still learning about this, which is causing every like-starved social media user to hype it up. Therefore, it is getting a lot more attention than a truly deadly threat on every one every year: The common flu.

Seasonal flu kills 291,000 to 646,000 people worldwide each year. In the United States, despite the famous flu shot as a vaccine, the CDC reported 79,400 flu related deaths in 2018, and 959,000 people hospitalized. 48.8 million people are estimated to have had it. The attention given to the CoronaVirus in its present form is being blown way out of control to the detriment of society.

Regardless of the validity of the pandemic fears, the economic impact will be nothing less than catastrophic. Whether Covid-19 deserves the hype or not, people’s very public reactions are causing a tsunami from a ripple. The economic slowdown can be seen with the speeding up of traffic. Normal congestion in traffic hours in the cities have been null this week where automobiles are whizzing by because fewer people are going to work.

This is far from good. Markets are crashing globally, showing signs of financial catastrophe that will compare, if not exceed, the negative effects of 9/11. Like those market crashes, the causes, looking back, were incendiary reactions. A trickling effect that turned into a warhead of destruction for people’s livelihood. Looking back on that economic debacle, the recovery was rather quick, compared to the stock market crash of 1929. Which lends hope to those that realize this is the beginning of the Corona Crash of 2020.

The real problem is that the reactions coming from highly visible people and businesses have begun causing important places and events, to cancel, with travel bans being enacted and closing down borders, means that more will follow. This systemic shutting down of events, places and transportation is the harbinger of nightmarish forebodings that reach beyond economics. However, in following the money, the markets’ bottomless crashing simply means that people are betting the worst. Continued crashing means it hasn’t bottomed out and there still hasn’t been a calming tone coming from world leaders about this pandemic. At present it seems like a slow-motion prologue to a Michael Crichton book.

There is good news. You are going to be okay. While there is a death toll and it is rising, there are a significant number of recoveries since the coronavirus testing has began confirming the infections in people, which are 127,863 a/o publishing. People are recovering after about a week of feeling under the weather. In comparison to the seasonal flu, we are still way under the actual average, and very long history of humans being susceptible to illness.

53% of the confirmed cases have already recovered. 3.5% have succumbed to this illness. It is not cruel to say that these are casualties suffered at odds way less than all of humanity lives with already. Its just another new understanding; A discovery of what already existed, given a new name by science. It’s also a new way to ‘catch a cold’. Streptococcus comes in many forms and is in a line up most people have had in a lifetime, among mono and RSV. These are often passed around easily, always carrying a mortal threat, yet we don’t throw away society and out obligations to it. We stop, if we contract one of the aforementioned risks accompanying a lifespan, and take a sick day, or two.

Therefore, instead of supporting the pandemic and throwing cogs into the wheels of the world, be cautious, develop good hygiene practices and learn to bow a greeting instead of shaking hands. Most importantly, realize the value that you contribute to the world in your labors and continue giving it, before the nightmare, out of a pseudoscience horror fiction, becomes real and the motor of the world really does go full stop.