Bonitas Research is disguised as a traffic cop in the name of honestly and catching scofflaws. In reality they are a well-oiled machine that makes money for big investors, and themselves, using really good proprietary Algo trading systems, and a proven business model of trashing the target and crushing the shares.

They basically set up the public company, establish a position, and then do whatever it takes to put the company out of business. They are very successful at what they do and how they do it, Its probable you have never heard of Bonitas Research, and that’s because they want it this way. Trade alongside them and pile on if you want, but do not buy into the scam that they are looking to eradicate the trading world of sinful or immoral companies. Bonitas Research, and their cronies are in this to make money for their clients, so they can move the business model forward, make money for their clients and get rich. It has nothing to do with the public companies – it only has to do with using every carpetbagging opportunity they can to make money.

In every transaction there is an impetus for profit, otherwise the transaction wouldn’t occur. However when that transaction is not transparent and people are allowed to come into a market with the belief it takes to go long, just for the sole purpose of shearing them later, it is wrong. It is a confidence game and nothing less, with the exception that it erodes what the markets were created for to begin with. That is to help build companies that have products or services beneficial to society and often, better than what exists.

Shorting is not transparent as it should be and until the regulators actually make shorting properly transparent, they are as complicit as shorting groups. If permission was necessary by each long holder pre-hypothecation, giving each long holder the actual notice and choice, then, and only then, would shorting be on the level. The problem with shorting in today’s marketplace is that its easier to destroy than to build. That is what gives shorting groups/ firms power.

If profit is the goal, then go ahead and join them, but know this. Eventually there is nothing left to short and choices in the marketplace become scarce, along with opportunities to allow your money to work for you alongside your labor to earn money. There is no other outcome. Societies die from anemia caused by agents that suck their lifeblood from them, one drink at a time. Unfortunately the agents of sangre-suck have the better position for sustained gross loss. From attorneys that can switch sides at whim and profiteers that can weaponize belief systems against the very people that are backing that belief with hard earned capital. Again, the problem is that the hopeful do not know what is stacked against them.

Look at how attorneys are proliferating the market based press release systems. They are actually fishing for law suits on an open press wire en masse. How long before they finish off a market because the risk of entrepreneurship and the beliefs that elevate it (long investors) are higher than the rewards. In a sense, this is really an indication of where this version of Rome is. There clearly are real citizens of privilege and an unknown means to become this type of citizen all while telling people that their citizenship is the best in the world. Is it?

When Nationally listed companies, such as Jinkosolar, traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: JKS) are contending with obscure market forces wearing two masks, they don’t stand a chance. This is one example of thousands with this going on, and rarely is it possible to identify one of these obscure groups working without any thought as to the society they are creating for their grandchildren.

If history teaches anything it is that people don’t learn from history. This behavior is the Saxon’s call before the raping and pillaging of a village created with distributed contribution based on people’s ability to contribute and reward equivalent to such. As Jinkosolar is killed off by blood-sucking parasites, allow it to sink in mentally, at the rate of the company sinking into the abyss of unreasonable death. Though she be not with us no more, the storm that sank her shall also pass.

Unfortunately the dark ages are always preceded by harbingers tugging at the hope backed by investment. Just know that the carpetbaggers are killing more than hope. They are killing previous labor, translated into dollars and placed at the altar of belief in building a better future. They are killing gains that promote individual independence from men and women that, upon retirement, relieve society of the burden of support. Where will these unwitting losers of wealth go when there is no more money in their accounts? Why is it fair that their long term holdings should be secretly lent to short term killers, that use their treasure against them, and then given back to the unwitting holders after the value is stripped out? Why don’t regulators, charged with protecting the unwitting, truly stop this? Answer these questions and the door to understanding will be opened. Then the real question of individual morality will be asked: Join them or not?

These shorters are not cognizant of building a better society, but destroying it, and little do they know, they are bringing about their own destruction. If there is no other way to make money then men must get it at the point of a gun. The gun will soon point at the men who wield it today, cloaked under their sleeve by those that permit the theft today.