Sometimes little industries are just begging to go big. They sit there at the periphery, enjoyed by people everywhere, but require a shift in perception, or, a unique viewpoint, to mix in a little administration, a touch of creativity and some elbow grease to repackage a valuable delivery of a new product to a market appreciative of its packaging. Look what Martha Stewart did with crafts. She turned simple crafts, fragmented into everything from crochet, to recycling household items, into a multi-billion-dollar media empire. 

Similarly, Talent Concierge, a personal branding and public speaking coaching company, has been moving towards the spotlight and bringing together an overlooked industry, training speakers as a talent label, which itself has directly or indirectly affected everyone at some point. Working in the industry for over 12 years, Connie Pheiff, Founder of Talent Concierge International, has developed a working knowledge of the industry and been able to connect the public speaking community to the events industry. She has set up a Public Speaker’s Platform from which event planners can listen to and hire public speakers for their events. The development of her public speaking talent label enables event planners and event coordinators to find the right speakers for their clients all in one location at a great price. An essential and valuable characteristic of what Connie offers through Talent Concierge is a certainty of delivery on behalf of both the speaker and event planner.

Event planners, until now, have had to locate and negotiate with prospective speakers on their own, through multiple sources and cross their fingers in hopes that they will do a great job. More often, the speaker at a corporate event directs the level of energy that turns the presentation into the sale. They make the call to action a natural choice and gears up the excitement for a new unveiling. The right public speaker has a real effect on each and every member of any audience and is ultimately responsible to drive home the point; To prep the close, so to speak.

Martha Stewart, and Oprah Winfrey, were real trailblazers in the public’s perception shift of entire industries. Connie Pheiff, the founder of Talent Concierge, is next in line for creating a reimagined business model of easily accessible public speakers in an era of massive disruption through her talent agency. It only works, though, if it enriches people’s lives. Talent Concierge promises an open door where life enrichment at each event, live or televised, is now easily selected and deliverable. Eliminating uncertainty is what makes these women the most valuable agents in the USA, bringing industries together.

While Talent Concierge is not publishing mass media, they focus on valuable presentations with guaranteed, targeted audiences. Talent Concierge not only offers public speakers, but they develop them as well, like any other media label or agency out there. The ability to outsource public speakers from an agency in a multifaceted and diverse industry, currently generating an estimated $1.9 billion annually, promises a new streamline business that has multibillion-dollar potential.

As an industry, Public Speaking is extremely fragmented. Public speakers are often asked to speak at events ranging from non-profits to major corporate functions by event planners asking around or having heard someone before. Finding public speakers can be more complicated than the average attendee at an event might imagine. Understanding what is going to be delivered before-hand relieves the risk-taking involved in hiring a speaker and creates a proposition and opportunity that hasn’t been made available before now.

Pricing a public speaker is usually done by ‘spot price,’ and even the most prominent celebrities can make a spot negotiation dicey. Yet there are over “23.4 million events and meetings each year in North America, [making] 64,000 events per day, all of which pay for public speakers,” according to MarketData, LLC., a market research publisher.  

Public speaking is clearly an overlooked industry ripe for repackaging in a similar way that Uber, Airbnb, and EventBright have accomplished in their respective industries. In a different era, hospitality companies like Marriott, increased certainty of travel by guaranteeing a standard of hotel expectation, secured by their brand. Then came along Airbnb, leveraging online platforms for travelers seeking hotel alternatives. They standardized hotel-like stays in homes and revolutionized the industry. Adding transparency further heightened the confidence of the traveler’s expectations by giving more freedom of communication and opportunities shared between travelers and property owners. Airbnb has taken back a significant slice of controlled revenue from high-powered hospitality brands through redistributing opportunities to transactional stakeholders in travel.

Like the hotels did before Airbnb, speakers bureaus or clubs, like Toastmasters, carried a brand promise that made finding keynote speakers a little easier, but did nothing for pre-ordering the right message with guaranteed impact, tailored for each event. Talent Concierge is now providing an Airbnb level of assurance to the event industry with a transparency of their services, price, and availability.

Talent Concierge makes selecting a keynote speaker easy.

The comparison of the public speaker industry to the evolution of hotels and now, platform-based travel, is parallel. The clear value offered to stakeholders in reconceptualized business models has opened the door for industries to grow. In this modern era of disruption, the opportunity for a reimagined business strategy enables a wide variety of possibilities for an industry’s value thousands of times over what was previously thought possible.

Talent Concierge makes selecting a keynote speaker easy, they make bookings for public speakers easy, and they develop speakers into professional keynote speakers. They define what a public speaking talent label creates, and in 2020, Talent Concierge has the power to deliver a compelling message for any event in North America.