In December 2019 Major League Baseball tweeted they were changing the league policy on Marijuana, and intended to treat it like alcohol. It was a big step for pro sports to remove the silly taboo associated with Cannabis when many players were already using it for medical reasons. Yesterday, MLB added language to continue to support their players’ use of cannabis with some parameters.

These are real strides toward the floodgates opening for players in all sports, to sponsor or invest, in cannabis, cbd and hemp based products. Of course this carries clear benefits, opening inroads into all professional sports. In taking these steps, the league went on to say, MLB will continue to monitor and provide updates as certain hemp-based CBD products are tested and verified by NSF International.”

The recent memo from March 3rd, 2020 stated “If players or Club personnel appear under the influence of marijuana or any other cannabinoid during any of the Club’s game’s practices, workouts, meetings or otherwise during the course and within the scope of their employment,” the memo continued, “they will be referred to a mandatory evaluation under the applicable cannabinoid and alcohol treatment program.”

The MLB specifically stated the cause of their current attitude towards cannabis: “Because Clubs are required to comply with all DEA regulations that apply to Controlled Substances, Club medical personnel are prohibited from prescribing, dispensing or recommending the use of marijuana or any other cannabinoid to any player or Club personnel,” said Major League Baseball.

However, regarding the changing policies of cannabis, The league went on to say, “MLB will continue to monitor and provide updates as certain hemp-based CBD products are tested and verified by NSF International,” The MLB’s policy view migration towards cannabis is influenced primarily for the welfare of all pro players who suffer much higher injury rates and are constantly dealing with inflammation pain as a pert of their profession. Athletes are always look for solutions to injury and pain management other than sitting in cold ice tubs for hours after games. Medical cannabis and hemp-based CBD is already ahead of the curve combating inflammation and is replacing other synthetic drugs, prescribed for years, that hurt player’s longevity and have absolutely created horrible addictions.

Yooforic cbd gum, by Canafarma Corp. is a growing favorite of athletes due to its tasty and scientifically proven method of cbd absorption into the body.

The MLB’s announcement is a final closing of the door, ending an era in professional sports. Teams no longer need to provide opiates and other pain killers to players, that damage their lives and careers. Cannabis is not the devil recreational drug it was once made out to be, but in fact, it is useful for players who have higher rates of injury and inflammation. CBD acceptance into the MLB is certainly a more cost-effective component to treatment and acceleration of athletic medicine. CBD is coming to market in pro sports very quickly in the form of daily use of gums, creams, and other products that benefit players versus harming them.

The policy change may also be driven by additionally clear economic benefits. Shedding old harmful policies leaving valuable athletes in the clutches of opioid addiction by adopting new permissions of cbd’s for athletes may extend player viability and increase performance levels for longer periods of time. If pro athletes can legally benefit from cannabidiol participation, Major League Baseball could get more seasons out of more players. The League, teams, players and fans all win with a healthy means to extend player’s careers and celebrate their retirement, a few seasons later, with true blessings of good health.