Marijuana appears to be the fastest-growing market in the US, and job creation is expected to grow as more states legalize pot. Canafarma Corp. is emerging as an industry giant, gaining momentum by providing hemp products with proven results, science & improved delivery methods. Their goal is to create long-term customers by educating consumers on their science.

According to Medical News Today, humans have used hemp to treat their ailments for over 3,000 years. It can be used to treat pain, mental illness, cancer, multiple-sclerosis and Epilepsy. Although there have been many breakthroughs in science proving its helping aids, the FDA has still not declared marijuana safe or effective. 

Canafarma Corp. is on a mission to educate their consumers. This is fulfilled through their packaging. Their current products include Hemp Oil Infused Chewing Gum, Hemp Oil Tinctures & Hemp Oil Infused Creams.  These products take 1-12 minutes for the active ingredient to enter the bloodstream and kick in. “The bioavailability is excellent” Explained Vitaly Fargesen, Senior VP of Strategic Planning.  Their products have been endorsed by international celebrities such as Sean Paul and given the nod of enjoyment by Pitbull. 

The company’s motto is ‘From Seed to Counter’. They are the only producer in the CBD market with their own farm for hemp cultivation, process facility, researching staff, marketing team, info/marketing portal and distribution “The greatest need in the CBD market right now is education. A large portion of [Canafarma] resources goes toward packaging that informs.” They have plans of having a pharmaceutical division in the next few years but remain focused on planned roll-outs of hemp cbd products in different verticals requiring no special licensing.

Since they began in 2019, Canafarma has been outperforming their own expectations and projections. They are in the process of going public in Canada, on the Canadian Stock Exchange, as well as Germany.  They are currently negotiating with Mexico & Columbia for growth of hemp, and distribution in Latin American and South America. In the next 12 months they have stated newly projected revenues of $60 Million to $65 Million in gross sales, from the chewing gum industry annually grossing $32 billion worldwide and $4 billion in the US.

Perhaps education does pay. In a world with increasing difficulty in reaching companies and getting informed on their products, this company may be lighting a new path for others to follow. Opinions aside, arguing with success is most often a losing argument.

Interview with Sr. VP