(MarketNewsFirst) — Vitaly Fargeson, part of the Senior Leadership at CanaFarma, gave insight on a variety of topics ranging from Affiliate Marketing efforts to European product roll-outs. The one that reaches home to cannabis investors are the upcoming stock listings on various exchanges in North America and Europe.

There is a transparent interview, published as a podcast, of a 40-minute Real Talk From the Newsroom call that Fargesen (Senior VP of Strategic Planning, Canafarma Corp) had with MarketNewsFirst journalist, Josh Lankford. Flash forward to the 15-minute mark and there’s discussion of listing in Canada, Germany, and Mexico, by the Senior VP of Strategic Planning, in-depth about for the immediate 2020 timeline. It sounds like the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) is first in the order, and VP Fargesen has completed much of the legwork in Canada. Canafarma listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange is potentially days away.

There is a clear path to additional listings, including Germany to coincide with a European product roll-out. Then a listing on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BIVA), highlighting a brand new way to raise capital and liquidity, leveraging the rich Mexican investment community. CanaFarma is already positioning the Latino consumer by partnering with Sean Paul as a celebrity endorser for their popular CBD Gum called Yooforic, that is selling off the shelves. Yooforic CBD Gum sold $6 million dollars worth of product in the second half of 2019, and Vitaly projects $46 million in sales in 2020 for the CBD Gum product line alone.

The Mexican stock exchange is a unique way to raise capital that few companies know about, and it’s good to see emerging Cannabis Sector Stocks leveraging multiple exchanges. With US Markets slowly adopting companies on the Nasdaq and the NYSE, other exchanges are reaping the benefits of the growing Cannabis Sector which is clearly in growth mode, even with a vicious sell off in 2019. Much of the 2019 sell-off were funds slaking off potential drainers such as Green Growth, only to look at the second-phase companies such as Canafarma, who have strong funding and highly organized administration. Market watchers note that election years are good for Cannabis Stocks, so its excellent to see CanaFarma positioning itself on multiple exchanges as we head to the 2020 US Presidential Election in November. The Cannabis Sector is a strong growth candidate along with AI, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency asset classes for the start the decade.