Mastery of Modern Technology has Next-Gen Cannabis Company, Canafarma, Scaling Up Revenues Daily.

Canafarma may be called Planet Cannabis someday because they have a powerful modern technology with a sincere sense of responsibility to their customers that is thrusting them to market dominance. Deploying a direct to consumer sales model, via a controlled affiliate marketing campaign, has catapulted the company into incredible growing revenues. Not monthly, but daily!

In an interview with Vitaly Fargesen, Senior VP of Strategic Planning, he admitted to having a stacked deck in creating a successful cannabis company. His job is to create strategies that drive revenue into the company and they are working, at a measurable, smile forming pace. How the deck is stacked for Canafarma is the overall company’s reliance on science.

Actual journalist interview with Vitaly Fergesen, Sr. VP of Strategic Planning for Canafarma Corp recorded on Tuesday, February 25th, 2020.

Their first product to market is a cbd chewing gum called Yooforic. When looking at the label, it becomes clear that they offer clear health beneficial value and somehow let you know through their packaging, that it tastes good too. However, it is not your average chewing gum. It delivers the valued benefits of hemp cbd, making it fun and not medicine-like. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down indeed. It also helps the asking price get paid, happily, by a growing number of sticky clients.

A pack of Yooforic chewing gum comes with 30 pieces and costs $99 (USD). Conveniently, the scientists behind the hemp oil infused chewing gum have assured the ideal amount of cbd by milligrams, water soluble for actual metabolization, so that one piece per day is able to provide the nutrition and benefits, such as pain relief, that people are searching for. Their intelligent marketing system has the subscription and order timing to keep their customers satisfied, with e-tail ordering management through auto subscription and personal customer management. At 30 pieces per pack, powerful cbd alimentation is achievable for less than $100 dollars per month, with direct-to-consumer (D2C) home delivery of a fun, minty, breath refreshing piece of chewing gum. Interestingly, the flavor lasts for a scientifically proven 30 minutes; An impressive feat on its own.

On the near opening of Canafarma listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange, they are already producing over Six Million Dollars in revenue, driven through the e-tail efforts of Vitaly Fargesen’s strategy, over the last six months. More impressive, is the company’s attrition rate of new customers, which is less than 20%. Their predictions called for substantially more, however the product holds its own for the benefits received by customers. The equivalent is 80% retention of new customers after conversion from their affiliate marketing program.

The rapid success of fast revenue from delivered products could also be said to be attributed partly to the song and video produced about the Yooforic from iconic rapper and performer, Sean Paul ‘When It Comes To You’. This aspect of corporate merchandising strategy is proven, but in the hands of a well-organized team of driven experts, it becomes a super-powered weapon. The song itself is heading to multi-platinum level.

In the interview, Vitaly explained that Canafarma’s (D2C) system allows scaling up on a daily basis. This is how success is stacked. Canafarma oversubscribed their initial funding by almost 250%, bringing in $12 million in funding after seeking only $5 million. Canafarma is the prime example of serious enterprises stepping into emerging markets in a phase 2 mode, with clear strategic paths to achieve benchmarks, separating them from their predecessors. Being first to be second with the funding to execute strategies outside of the first adaptors, is always a major benefit to those companies and their shareholders.

The ability to press buttons and scale up revenues daily is a unique power and one that only exists in today’s market place. Perhaps the only one that exists in the Cannabis hemp CBD retail products industry. Vitaly stated that they have a series of products to be introduced in a planned timely manner with one being introduced in a few weeks. With the showing of Yooforic chewing gum, its success and instant market growth, their next product looks promising. After all, success is not accidental and success begets more.