By: Steve Kanaval

Fort Worth, TX, February 26, 2020  (MarketNewsFirst) — Josh Lankford at MarketNewsFirst had a wide-ranging call with CanaFarma  Senior VP of Strategic Planning Vitaly Fargeson talking about the company, revenue projections for the Yooforic Chewing Gum product line, plans to go public and what the core skill set of the company is. There will be a published transcript supplied at some point, but I listened and took some general notes on this up and coming CBD centric company about to trade public shares in Canada, Germany, and Mexican Exchanges.

  • The Core Skill Set is Direct to Consumer (DTC) Affiliate Marketing
  • The Yooforic Brand sold $6 million in the 2 previous quarters
  • VP Fargeson projects $65 million in revenue into 2021 for CanaFarma products
  • Expect an upcoming listing in Canada in Q2 2020
  • A European rollout is on the table along with a listing in Germany
  • A Latin Market strategy is in place which includes trading in Mexico

There is much more to the interview, as the bullet points above scratch the surface of a wide-ranging 30 minutes overview.  Click here to listen to the call, and we look forward to publishing the entire transcript in the upcoming weeks, in addition to following up with CEO David Lonsdale as well as other members of his team.

This is the interview series of Canafarma top-level executives providing a transparent chronicling of the interview with Vitaly Fargeson, Senior VP of Strategic Planning. This interview took place at 9:00 AM CST at the designated public conference line of Market News first. Now published for the purpose of transparency in journalism and deep research tool for the cannabis industry and business to consumer sales.