The first signal that investing at the retail level changed was when Tesla rallied to dizzying heights. We wrote about that move in Tesla shares, and now the growth sector for the new, new retail investor is investing in Space.  There are only a few ways to invest, so the valuations of the players are rising quickly. 

It is clear now that investing in space will become an asset class that fits in with Electric Cars and AI, Bitcoin and Blockchain and Investing in Space.  It has evolved into a category all its own.

The new category includes Bitcoin, Cannabis, TSLA, SPCE, and SpaceX.  These are the new, new places money is flowing and it’s happening in a time where US Stocks are making new highs every day. It speaks to investing in a growing global economy that is frothing, and frankly, it doesn’t matter if the boomer’s beloved stocks pull back 15%, there are many things to invest in during this 2020 investing cycle and we are not even 90 days in, and investing in this decade has a brand new look. Investing in Space, and this new investing style is the millennial investment of this decade, go ask them.