In under-served and growing markets, Green Stream Holdings (GSFI) engages customers through simple leasing agreements of solar infrastructure, next-generation batteries, and Purchase Power Agreements.  Green Rain Solar, LLC, utilizes proprietary and non-proprietary greenhouse technology that combines photovoltaic (solar electric) technology and luminescent red light for electricity generation and optimized plant growth.

Water, fresh air, and sunlight are the necessities needed for plants to thrive and grow. Panels used for greenhouses usually range from heavy-duty plastic to glass. These materials allow sunlight to enter and make the plants inside flourish.

Solar panels, on the other hand, block sunlight, which makes them an unattractive design to have for greenhouses. But what if there is a solution? The enormous advantages offered by solar panels are too numerous to count. Having them in greenhouses can solve this energy conservation dilemma.

Customized greenhouse glass can help all growers create more harvests in a given time, they use a variety of techniques and the latest technologies that help make greenhouses self-sustaining. This unique method and design can be placed on top of the warehouses to grow operation, and run production, packaging, and distribution.

Greenhouses rely on sunlight to grow the plants within, also use a lot of electricity to run fans, sensors, monitoring equipment, and climate control. The global energy demands for greenhouses are growing at a rapid pace as well.

Researchers and scientists are continuously coming up with amazing ideas for a solar-powered greenhouse, and the need to generate energy for the greenhouse without grid dependency using new technology that now combines efficient greenhouse growing with solar power energy production. These solar panels offset expensive energy costs and are customizable to any roof configuration and glass size. They help get the best possible solution by considering your unique crop production before designing energy products for your greenhouse. With these types of systems in place around the world, it could help make greenhouses self-sustaining.

Green Rain Solar, a division of Green Stream Holdings Inc. (OTC: GSFI) and R.E.D by Anthony Morali, designed a ready to install solar greenhouse that is built solely out of solar panels.

The U.S. solar energy industry lifted its installation outlook for this year and beyond thanks to the robust demand for large-scale projects by utilities buying the clean energy source for its low cost.

In the latest reports first quarter of 2019, the United States installed 2.7 GW of solar, up 10 percent from a year ago. Solar accounted for more than half of all new energy capacity additions during the quarter.

The residential solar market rose 5 percent during the quarter to 600 megawatts. Utility-scale installations were 1.6 GW, while non-residential systems reached 438 MW.

As Solar Installation Outlook Expands the industry lifted its five-year outlook by 5.1 GW, or about 9 percent, mostly due to new procurement by utilities. Utilities, therefore, are buying solar because it is cheap compared with fossil fuel alternatives like natural gas and coal.

Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) is currently targeting high-growth solar market segments for its advanced solar greenhouse and advanced solar battery products. The Company has a growing footprint in the significantly underserved solar market in New York City, where it is targeting 50,000 to 100,000 square feet of rooftop space for the installation of its solar panels. Green Stream is looking to forge key partnerships with major investment groups to capitalize on a variety of unique investment opportunities in the commercial solar energy markets.

*All information is taken from GSFI websites and public information sources