Fort Worth, Texas February 13, 2020 (MarketNewsFirst)—Law Shield hosted the Sheriff Waybourn Celebrates the Second Amendment event in Fort Worth on Saturday, February 8th. Helpful information about constitutional rights for people who may need to legally defend themselves after having defended themselves physically. Many times, people have faced and been convicted of assault when they were the victims or helping defend another victim in a violent crime.  

Law shield is a very necessary and inexpensive legal coverage for anyone that may ever find themselves in the position of explaining their position to a judge. A fast-growing organization, it is well attended by members of the community who were interested in self defense and their legal rights to defend themselves.

Law Shield is a prepaid legal platform that guarantees legal defense in any self-defense case arising for its members. While their main thrust of memberships have been gun owners exercising their right to carry and protecting themselves legally in case they need to, other citizens are enrolling their family members. Fighting on the school yard can land kids in big trouble today.  While many Law Shield members are licensed to carry firearms and the majority of its cases focus on use of firearms in self-defense, its members enjoy legal protection in any type of se lf-defense, regardless if a gun was used or not.

The active cooperation with the law enforcement community and gun citizens licensed to carry was a major discussion point and one surprising to find. Other media tends to promote the idea that guns are wrong in the hands of citizens, however this is not reality. The active participation in membership by the LEO Community with Law Shield is strong and is trending towards growth.

Tarrant County Sheriff, Bill Waybourn, was the main speaker who made some interesting statements to the community about citizens’ obligation to work with law enforcement, especially as responsible, licensed gun carriers. Sheriff Waybourn said they play a critical role in keeping the community safe. As a lifetime law enforcement officer, Sheriff Waybourn was adamant that citizens licensed to carry (ltc) are the “Immediate Responders” in life threatening situations, stating “We [law enforcement officers] are the First Responders. It’s the citizens at the scene that are the ‘immediate responders’, and we as a community need them.”

Other members of law enforcement were in attendance as well as ex-military and veterans, who were recognized, deservedly so, by Sheriff Waybourn and Law Shield.  As a VFW myself, coming from a time where military service was not respected at all, have rarely felt appreciated with the trend in “Thank you for your service” accolades, now popular. However, coming from this group of people I felt the honor in which was placed in the oaths sworn and duties filled by myself and fellow veterans. They really stopped the presentations and took real time to honor members of the armed forces, past and present.

Law Shield is a very respected organization that simply exists to protect its members with real legal defense. Law Shield is not a lobby. They are a membership based legal representation model that lowers the price of legal protection dramatically and eliminates uncertainty in the need of legal defense in any case of self-defense. They have full time inhouse lawyers that are experts in 2nd amendment and self-defense. Their protection goes far beyond guns.

Emily Taylor, a full-time, in-house attorney spoke about the legal defenses in civil and criminal cases brought against Law Shield’s members. Utilizing their experience as a legal defense team, they have already built their own cases studies and case law in every area of self-defense, outside of defending its members in use of gun cases.  Counselor Taylor, was once a District Attorney, joined Law Shield six years ago and enjoys working with them because of their capped pay system. One of the reasons the government wins so many cases, regardless of guilt or innocence, is their ability to focus on cases based on concentration under the payment structure. The Law Shield legal defense teams are paid the same way the government is, eliminating the need for defendants and their families to make critical legal decisions based on resources. Law Shield’s capital structure evens the playing field in legal cases which are often weighted to the side of the government due to costs of legal fees. Law Shield provides intense, full time defenses for its members for no extra cost than their 11 dollars per month fee.

Ian McHenry, Director of Partner Relations with Law Shield, also spoke, telling the scary history of how the UK gave up their guns in an entertaining but educational manner. His focus at the event was educating how the UK gave up its rights to bear arms and gave a sincere warning to US citizens chipping away at this right, granted under the Second Amendment of the bill of Rights in the US Constitution. Mr McHenry is a UK native who has become a US resident, on his way to becoming a US citizen.

He knows the dangers of erosion of rights, as a UK citizen at birth. He served in the military and is a lettered historian, two fields of expertise that serve Law Shield’s members well. Mr. McHenry learned of Law Shield when he earned his license to carry as a legal resident and realized the legal dangers to himself, and family if ever he needed to use his gun to defend himself, or anyone else.  

All of the speakers at the event presented cases and law to help its members know what to do in a case of self-defense, from knowing the law to knowing how to get in touch with Law Shield, which will come to their defense immediately. While there was an avalanche of data and case law cited which would help any citizen in need of legal defense, there were also strong messages on what to do to maintain the and uphold the 2nd amendment right to bear arms as well as the right to defend yourself and fellow citizens in clear and present danger. Overall law shield is a unique organization that provides a lot of security for its members and the average citizen of the US for a nominal fee and simply for doing the right thing. Organizations existing to do the right thing are not on every corner and do not automatically help the general population.