Solar solutions have been slow to become part of our daily lives when alternative energy resources are badly needed.  The success of Tesla, along with the manufacturing and sales of Electric Cars makes it clear that the consumer is ready, but the product needs to have critical appeal, and unique leadership to pull the consumer across the line.

Green Stream Holdings is forging key partnerships with investment groups, brokers, and private investors to capitalize on unique investment opportunities in the commercial solar energy markets. The Company is dedicated to becoming a major player in this critical space.  The first step in this effort is the upcoming capital raise.

Under the Green Stream Holdings Inc. (GSFI) umbrella, is a holding company registered as  Green Stream Finance, Inc.  They recently announced that it filed an Offering Statement on Form 1-A with the SEC to launch a Regulation A, Tier 1 public offering to offer up to $10m shares of common stock at $0.75 per share. This includes an offering up to 13,333,333 shares seeking gross proceeds of up to $10,000,000.

The Company’s next-generation solar greenhouses use a proprietary greenhouse technology and trademarked design developed by world-renowned architect, Mr. Anthony Morali and plans to implement its groundbreaking technology made entirely by constructed seamless solar panels. These panels are cutting edge technology that can increase plant growth by up to 94%. This type of efficiency and innovation gets the attention of the investor and consumer.

This specially designed solar greenhouse has the ability to block specific harmful red and black ultraviolet rays and allowing growth yellow and green rays in to create and promote ultraviolet rays. These unique solar greenhouses can be placed on top of the warehouses to run grow operations, linking production, packaging, and distribution,  more innovative thinking which appeals to a new age consumer.

Green Stream Finance designed a ready to install solar greenhouse that is built solely out of solar panels. The ability to block specific harmful ultraviolet rays and allowing growth-promoting ultraviolet rays through makes this solar greenhouse a unique design. The newest batteries on the market are used in order to store the energy captured in order to make this a self-sustaining unit.

This type of innovation is needed to spark interest in the consumer, and their desire to utilize and invest in the advancement of solar energy.  Day to day usage and access to capital will be the critical path to innovation, and the company employs and partners with leaders and partners.

Solar energy solutions will follow electric car adoption as the consumer realizes they no longer need to participate in poisonous fossil fuels to power their personal transportation, and will prompt them to utilize the power of the sun to spark further innovation in the greenhouse and growing advancement.  Green Stream Holdings is setting a course to capture the imagination of the consumer, just as the evolution of the electric car kicks in.