Since Bitcoin’s inception more than ten years ago, cryptocurrencies have evolved dramatically. Proof of work evolved into proof of stake and now hybrid models are all over. For those accustomed to the advanced tech aspects of blockchain, proof of work and proof of stake was common knowledge. For those unaware of coding or blockchain architecture proof of work and stake were foreign languages. 

Masternodes fall into the category of Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies. Blockchain and crypto are about mass adoption but the biggest issue plaguing the space is the lack of platforms facilitating mass adoption. Pocket Node set out to change this, the team desires to make mass adoption easy for all users. To achieve the dream the Pocket Node application was not only planned but created. Click here to learn more

Pocket Node is a one-click master node solution for a plethora of coins. The first round of coins were listed at no cost to their actual communities with over ten listings already taking place. The premise behind Pocket Node was to build an easy to use solution for master node staking for all the communities simultaneously. 

Think a mobile wallet meets a master node platform. Currently, there are no mobile master node solutions to deploy multiple coins, especially multiple different masternodes from the same mobile platform. We have solved this issue by incorporating many master node coins (including Dash, PIVX, ION, RPD, etc.) into a mobile wallet that allows for a one-click master node setup. Currently, the biggest issue with master node coins is the user’s inability to set up the actual master node. We removed this difficulty by creating the “1-click” functionality. Incorporating one-click functionality with a plethora of coins will allow us to penetrate the communities of ten+ cryptocurrencies without requiring funds from any of the communities for our platform build.

 This will allow community members who have been struggling to set up master nodes with ease. This cannot be understated enough, as the biggest issue with master node coins is the deployment of the master node.

*All of this information is sourced from the Pocket Node White Paper, and shamelessly borrowed to get the word out about this cool token.  We were not paid by the company in any way to write this article. I can be reached by emailing