Voters voted overwhelmingly to expand the sale of weed to recreational users in Michigan more than a year ago, but the state continues to drag its feet, and even look to repeal the laws despite voters desire to get the benefits of tax revenue and eliminating the perils of the black market.  

So instead of allowing the wishes of the voters, you get some pencilneck like Andrew Brisbo, director of the state Marijuana Regulatory Agency. deciding otherwise. “It’s incumbent upon us to ensure that there’s access for medical patients through the medical marijuana facilities,” said Brisbo, “So I would err on the side of caution and ensuring better access to their needs instead of moving products into the broader adult-use market.”

This is evidence that a federal mandate is needed to overcome these “weed haters” who would prefer to govern although no one really wants them to, or is needed in a state that needs the money.  

Sales of medical marijuana in Michigan, which is fed by nearly 300,000 medical marijuana cardholders, have increased every quarter since sales began last year, with total sales through Oct. 18 reaching $235.4 million. The recreational market is expected to easily exceed $1 billion annually with a customer base of up to 3 million people.

Soon Michigan and Illinois will be selling recreational weed and reaping the benefits of adding jobs, and money to its coffers.  It’s a damn shame some self-appointed weed czars like the pencilneck Brisbo keep the spigots off but know that it is really an effort to eliminate the legalization altogether in the good state of Michigan where voters have already voted yes.